The german slider



The german slider is currently the most effective maritime vehicle not only in terms of speed and economy but also ecology. It combines technology, design and function in a way that is unique even today.


Wing-In-Ground-Effect [WIG]



The ground effect vehicle uses the Wing-in-Ground-Effect (WIG) – a physical feature also known as the albatross effect. The flight behaviour of the albatross is characterised by the fact that it slides just above the surface of the water, which enables it to move very long distances elegantly and quickly with the highest possible energy savings. Its efficiency is the model for the biotechno-logical development of the german slider. In its gliding movement over the water, the german slider forms a dynamic air cushion under the fuselage that supports and cushions the flight movement as well as automatically equalising the different swell heights.


Ecological and economic benefits



The german slider uses a new type of technology that has significant ecological and economic advantages. Since the vehicle moves above the water, no marine life or plants are affected. Also, the german slider can save up to 90% of the usual amount of required fuel with a simultaneous increase in speed of up to six times that of conventional watercraft (this results in achievable speeds physically determined according to the respective vehicle size: approx. 140 km/h for the smaller models increasing correspondingly up to 500 km/h for larger vehicles).


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